Who is Arabesque

Islamic traditional art and clothing is popular worldwide for its rich cultural captured in their design. Arabesque.co.ke was established with the aim to enrich this tradition. It has a dedicated team of experts having experience of more than 4 decades in the manufacturing of hand-crafted high-quality products for the fashion industry. Arabesque.co.ke has become one of the pioneer establishments which is known for the manufacture of Ayat Quotes and Traditional Islamic clothing like abayas, kaftans, sherwani, hijab, thobes, etc. It also has a range of accessories and jewelry without which your attire is incomplete. All of these are available at the international market level for you, no matter where you are in the world.

 Shop at Arabesque.co.ke and Stand Out from the Crowd

We are always keen to assert and strive for customer satisfaction and comfort. Arabesque.co.ke offers unique, specialized, and handcrafted products directly to the customers at reasonable prices with timely offers and special discounts. For instance, our inquisitively designed clothing is often appreciated for their exclusive design and high-quality fabric. Inspired by the classic and vintage form of art, the embroidery and artwork on the apparel are created in-house with utmost dedication. Therefore, your purchase with us will always retain the product originality and uniqueness.

Our Ayat Art is made from high quality canvas and board materials and maintains strict adherence to the source in order to maintain the truth of the teachings. We offer mounting for free for all large pieces exceeding 100cm x 100cm in order to ensure a pleasant experience for our customers. Our intricacy in crafting the available products with the artistic touch will surely make any person smile with content and make them stand out.